SOUTH-50 Emotional Essays, 21 Talented Photographers, One SubjectSOUTH-50 Emotional Essays, 21 Talented Photographers, One Subject

SOUTH-Lydia-Inglett-Publishing-Wendy-Nilsen-PollitzerOpen bookSOUTH-Lydia-Inglett-Publishing-Wendy-Nilsen-PollitzerOpen book



"Glimpses of Hope" - Coffin Point Plantation"Glimpses of Hope" - Coffin Point Plantation

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Catherine Pittman Smith

is honored to have contributed to this incredible book of essays & images by characters of note & noteworthy characters  about the



          Pages 22-23 “Soul Food”  

"Low Country Produce" - Downtown Market"Low Country Produce" - Downtown Market

Low Country Produce Market 0399_Low Country Produce Market 0399_ Low Country Produce Market 0393_edited-1Low Country Produce Market 0393_edited-1


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What they are saying about "South":

SOUTH approaches a subject that has long preoccupied people inside and outside of the region: what makes the South distinctive? The book tackles the question from a commendably wide range of angles, dealing with the area’s people, wildlife, food, music and its built and natural environments. The contributions are personal, often romantic and deeply affectionate. The long shadow of the past in the present is a running theme, as is the importance of place as an anchor for Southern identity. Quite rightly, though, we don’t get any clear-cut answers about what defines the South. Instead, SOUTH provides a diverse, thought-provoking, visually striking and charming series of reflections on a topic that will continue to fascinate.”

-Dr. Oliver Ayers,  Distinguished Professor of Modern History, New College of the Humanities, London  

Page 38 – “Country at Heart”

by ActressCoco Jones

St. Helena's IslandSt. Helena's Island