"Applause" for Catherine Pittman Smith’s work ...


"What an amazing talent! We could not have been happier with the gorgeous images Catherine captured of our family. We had a blast working with her. She provides a casual, fun and friendly atmosphere...no stress!"  - Carla Edgeworth 

"We love working with Catherine! Her natural talent for seeing her subjects in beautiful light is exceptional. Plus, she is great with our boys. The way she talks to them makes them feel so comfortable. Catherine finds creative solutions to photograph our family year after year. That's why we keep calling Catherine to capture our family on film!"

-Kennedy & Edward Walker 


Stinkin' Cute Boys...What are little boys made of? Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, that's what little boys are made of.


“Catherine has a remarkable way of capturing the distinct personalities of my three daughters on camera. I cherish the photos she has taken over the years ranging from very young ages to now, the teenage years. The kids have so much fun at the photo shoots and it really shows in the end result. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone wanting to have wonderful keepsake memories.”- Katie Houser 




"Catherine has a tremendous eye for beauty. She is able to add uniqueness to any project that involves her view through the camera."

-Brenda Geier


"Working with Catherine was magical! She is such a talented photographer and has a gift for capturing personalities and telling a story in an artistic and creative way. I had her photograph my parent's home and gardens just prior to their move and she gave us a magnificent, beautiful book we will cherish. She puts so much of herself in her work and it shows. Her work is extraordinary."

- Mallie Ireland 


"What a pleasure to work with such a talented photographer! Catherine really captured our family and framed them in such a beautiful way."

 Marilyn Dixon 


"Catherine has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and she is very patient, especially with all ages of children. She took the best picture that my husband and I have ever had of the two of us. We had 6 little ones on other pictures and she managed to have all of them looking forward and smiling! She has a real talent for what she does. All of our families are thrilled with her pictures for Christmas and gifts."

-Barbara Woychak

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"We treasure our newborn pictures of our second son, Samuel. Catherine captured his precious newborn-ness that is so fleeting. She also did a wonderful job with our three-year-old, Ford -- her soft voice and super cool equipment kept his full attention and her photographs of him project his sweet spirit. These precious photos memorialize such a special time in our family, and we are so grateful."

- Emily & Oscar Price 



"Catherine has a magical way of capturing children and families enjoying one another's company. Her natural intuition allows her to find those special nuances in her subject's personalities that make them unique. She is a great artist to have in our community."

- Kelly Hulsey 


"Your website is great. It's so peaceful to look at. Unusual words to describe a website, I know, but I immediately felt peaceful looking at all your pictures. Peaceful also describes your work as an intimate and compelling black and white photograph of yours sits on our mantle. It captures our attention every single day. As an art director myself, I found working with you to take pictures of our crazy family was an easy experience that produced special memories of our family that we will always cherish." 

-Heather Cooper