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The Secret Garden, 5x7"In the Shadow of the Cross""Within the Veil"" Grace in the Grazin'" 8x10"Dumb & Dumbass" 11x14"Horsin' Around I" 11x14"Horsin' Around II" 11x14"Freckles"  11x14"Grace Will Lead Me Home" Infrared/11x14"Spiritual Warfare" Infrared/11x14"Transitions" Infrared/11x14"Find Rest for Your Soul" Infrared/11x14Nola Solo, Jackson Square/1999, 11x14Nola Duo, Jackson Square/1999, 11x14Nola Trio, Jackson Square/1999, 11x14I Stand at the Door, 11x14"Trust Jesus" Sepia 8x10